How to Stop Hair Loss?

Are you losing your hair and you have no idea why? Without going into the specifics and technicalities in order to make it simple for you to understand, here are some tested and proven hair loss remedies that you can utilise to help you curb your hair loss.

Take note: Everything listed here has been scientifically proven, unlike many of those quack ‘natural health remedies’ websites that purport putting flowers in your hair. What this means is whatever hair loss remedies listed here will help you for sure.

Hair Loss Cure Tip #1: Consume more caffeine

You might have heard from some people that consuming caffeine would lead to hair loss. Medically, this is definitely false, as there are no clinical trials that have shown a direct link of excess consumption of caffeine that lead to hair loss. In fact, it has been shown that a moderate consumption of caffeine not only prevents hair loss, but also provides a plethora of health benefits. Unfortunately, that does not mean that if you begin to gulp down cups of coffee it would result in you not losing your hair. The benefit is there – though minor. Consume caffeine moderately, and don’t get the shakes!

Fun fact: Do take note however that I can think of a far fetched mechanism of action that would lead to hair loss from caffeine intake. Since caffeine is a diuretic, which causes you to urinate more often, you could possibly be dehydrated and dehydration leads to hair loss. However, as long as you ensure you’re drinking enough water, you should be fine.

Hair Loss Cure Tip #2: Have a well balanced diet

Maintaining your nutritional levels is vital to having healthy hair. Here are the facts: Too much Vitamin A & E leads to hair loss and too little Zinc and Iron leads to hair loss as well. This is why it is important to consume everything in moderation, to ensure that your body has just the right amounts of minerals and vitamins. It does not mean that you should give up all your sources of Vitamin A & E! These two Vitamins serve other bodily functions and having a deficiency of them would result in adverse health consequences.

There are tons of supplements readily available for these essential minerals, but if you prefer a more natural source, dark leafy green vegetables such as Lentils, Spinach and Kale are rich in Iron. Pumpkin seeds and Chickpeas are rich in Zinc.

Hair Loss Cure Tip #3: Give your hair a break

If you regularly style or comb your hair, apply wax(or mousse, gel, etc), you might want to consider giving the product a break. Whilst styling your hair, the twisting, turning and combing puts strain on your hair, which results in your hair gradually being weaker over time. Other than products, do take note of temperature as well, as excessively cold and hot conditions that arise whilst straightening your hair or blow drying it can break the bonds present between your scalp and your hair, causing you to lose hair.

Also, be sure not to put strain on your hair while it is wet! Wet hair is synonymous with weak hair, so be sure to let your hair dry before combing it or styling it. Letting your hair air dry rather than blow drying it is beneficial as well.

It is also worth noting that simple things like putting your hair up above your head when you sleep, or not tying up your hair too regularly can prevent hair loss from traction. That is why women who tye their hair in braids often complain of hair loss. Want to know how to stop hair loss for real? Remember, prevention is better than cure. Taking careful steps to prevent loss is much better than seeking for hair remedies when it happens.

What happens if I DO need a real cure?

In some cases like serious male pattern hair loss and women pattern hair loss, professional is the best way to solve those problems. In that event, it is better to consult professional specialists or doctors to see how they can best aid you medically. If you are looking for help from hair specialists, make sure you seek a reputation salon such as Follicle Hair that has a strong track record in solving hair loss issues. If you are unsure, google around to check for reviews before deciding on where to go to.