Seeking Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore? Want to know how to prevent hair loss?

Learn how it happens first!

Did you know that extreme stress can lead to hair loss? No? Today I’m going to reveal to you the surprising reasons why your hair is leaving the place it belongs – your scalp. Read this carefully if you want to learn how to prevent hair loss for real.

Extreme stress
As mentioned above, stress leads to the release of stress hormones. One of which is called Cortisol. Cortisol doesn’t cause hair loss – however in the chemical vat that is your body, Cortisol has an interplay with other hormones. High levels of Cortisol are usually associated with high levels of Testosterone, which in turn is metabolised by certain enzymes in your body which leads to high levels of Dihydrotestosterone(DHT). DHT is the killer – With high levels of DHT comes hair loss. Thankfully, hair loss due to stress is usually temporary, assuming that you’re not stressed out of your minds all the time! If you want to learn how to prevent hair loss, keep your stress levels under control and feeling relaxed helps ALOT.

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)?

Ever heard your mom tell you to not eat too much of instant noodles or your hair will fall off? Though there are significant amounts of anecdotal experiences(fear mongering) claiming that MSG have negative effects on human health(though I will focusing on hair loss), there are little research studies that were able to substantiate these claims. MSG has been used in foods for decades, and has been listed by the US Food and Drugs Administration(FDA) as “Generally recognised as safe”. Unless you’re eating MSG by the kilos, nothing adverse should happen to you – but with all things in life, moderation is important. Many who live by nissin and maggi are now busy googling for hair loss treatment as we speak.

Physical/chemical strain on your hair

Just like all tangible matter, your hair too is subject to the laws of physics. If you’re applying a lot of force when you’re drying your hair(hair is brittle when wet), or applying too much heat to your hair(be it through blow drying, hair straightening or curling), or applying chemical products that damage your hair(perming or colour dyeing), you can expect your hair to fall off your head. In fact, many folks who opted for hair loss treatment in Singapore had their problems originating from chemical treatments. Even small things like brushing your hair while it is wet or entangled can cause physical damage to your hair! Your hair is not an immovable object – given enough force (PS:A very small force), your hair will be ripped out of its follicles.

Smoking is a huge hair loss evil
Smoking, specifically the smoke that gets into your hair when you smoke, contains a myriad of damaging chemicals that would take years to list out. Besides the fact that is almost an universal consensus on the fact that smoking is extremely damaging to your health, toxicants from smoke can lead to genetic damage of your hair follicles. Not only that, smoke that gets into your hair also disrupts your hair’s natural growth cycle, resulting in an imbalance of follicular protease/antiprotease systems, which are vital to controlling tissue remodelling. Needless to say, if you value your hair, avoid smoking.

Mineral deficiency

If you’re lacking in Iron or Zinc, it is likely that you will experience hair loss. While the exact mechanism of having mineral deficiency and hair loss is not conclusive, researcher theorise that these two metals/minerals are necessary in regulating genetic metabolism of hair. There is copious amounts of studies that have shown a clear link between Iron/Zinc deficiency and hair loss. Eating a well balanced diet or taking health supplements can be a remedy to this issue.

Overconsumption of Vitamin A and E
Hypervitaminosis A and E occurs – just as what the name implies – when there is an overconsumption of these two Vitamins. This was actually discovered whilst researchers were trying to find proof that deficiency in these two Vitamins would lead to hair loss, and they were unable to. However, Vitamin A and E deficiency do have health consequences – take them in moderation

Do I need Hair Loss Treatment?

I know it is kinda scary to learn how so many small little things can lead to gradual (or rapid onset of) hair loss. However, do understand that most of the time, hair loss is natural and if not excessive, should be taken in stride. That said, if you are facing an early onset of hair loss (a growing trend in Singapore), you should probably seek hair loss treatment at a hair specialist. Make sure you get one with a good reputation and proven track record of dealing with hair loss, such as Follicle Hair Salon. Also google around for other options and reviews to ensure you are working with a specialist you are comfortable with for hair loss treatment. There are quite a few good ones in Singapore.

Also, those seeking hair loss treatment in Singapore are rising in numbers so don’t feel shy in seeking help!