thinner face

Your face is a canvas, and it is up to you to create the look that you long for. When you combine the magic of cosmetics, great hairstyles, and outfits that play up your best features, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Take some notes from the following strategies to create a leaner look using the tools you already have.


Apply some Contour


Use a contour shade along the side of your face, just under the cheekbone, and extend it up toward the middle of the ear. If you need a little help finding the line on your cheekbone, pucker you lips and they will become more evident. Take the contour shade down the sides of your nose as well; what you are doing is creating some shadow that will be used to lean out your face. Lastly, extend a contour line along the jaw line to bring some definition to the bottom of the face.  Apply a highlight color above the contour at the cheekbones and down the center of the nose. Spread the highlights with a blending brush, and use a separate blending brush to soften the contour lines against the highlighting color. This strategy adds length to the face and brings a new level of definition to create a lean look.


Accessorize and Dress it up


It’s amazing what clothes and jewellery can do for your look, and how it can add and subtract pounds from the face. When choosing earrings, go for a longer option that will vertically frame the face and add the illusion of length. For the necklace, long is the way the go, and try a V-shaped piece to continue to add length to your look.


Choose a top with a swooping neck or a V-shape in a deep, dark tone. All of these choices are going to work together to elongate the top of the body and draw the attention away from the round face that you are trying to cover up.


Finish with the hair


The hair is the frame to the face, and the frame can either add or take away from the overall look. Darker shapes will create contrast and draw attention away from a round face. If looking for a new style, you might look at long layers to frame the face, which will add a new dimension and a length to the face. Keep a soft contour to the strands framing the face, avoid anything too curly or too straight.